Friday, June 01, 2007

A Child Arrived Just The Other Day

I wanted to take a few minutes here and welcome Samuel Cheney to the world (as noted here).

Any life is a gift, and I wish Mary Cheney and her companion Heather Poe all the best as they raise him (assuming Heather Poe will be in the picture, so to speak – it would have been nice if Dick and Lynne had decided to include them in the photo and make a statement once and for all to the fundie zealot nut jobs who constitute much of “the base” that yes, we stand beside our daughter and her partner, and if you people don’t like the way they live their lives, drop dead).

Now that you have arrived, Samuel, you will be presented a bill for approximately $28,000; it may actually be more than that – I’m just approximating. You see, that is how much you automatically owe the U.S. government (the same goes for every other man, woman and child). The last person I know of who attempted to calculate the debt owed by all of us because of the staggering fiscal irresponsibility of your grandfather, his “boss,” and the now-happily-gone 109th Republican congress that owed its allegiance to both of them was a lady named Lois Herr who ran for the U.S. Congressional 16th District seat in Pennsylvania last year (Lois referred to it as the “birth tax”).

Young Samuel, you will end up presiding over the precipitous decline of the standard of living in this country that has proceeded unceasingly during the nightmarish regime presided over principally by your grandfather (let’s “cut to the chase” concerning “Deadeye Dick” and his role here, OK?). This has been marked by a complete and total disregard for the well-being of this country’s middle class, which built everything that many of us have taken for granted for far too long in the aftermath of World War II (you’ll read about it in the history books I’m sure; if your grandfather and his chimp-like accomplice have anything more to do with it, that’s the only place you’ll be able to find any trace of it).

Part of all of this includes the exporting of our jobs, including much of our intellectual capital and technical innovation, offshore principally to China and India in the name of consolidating wealth for the financial elites. It also has been low-lighted by an almost pathological attack on the environment and scientific thought and analysis. And as far as serving us in a capacity envisioned by our founding fathers and the authors of the Constitution (the document that serves as the framework for our system of government), your grandfather and like-minded others who have held power since 2001 have done everything they possibly could (and continue in this course of action almost unabated) to demonize, propagandize, and ultimately destroy our institutions that, among other things, administer the rule of law fairly, maintain the safety of our workplaces, protect the integrity of our food and medicines, care for our other children as well as yourself, and ensure that we are safe to fly in our planes, drive in our cars, ride on our trains, drink our water, and breathe our air.

And since your are newborn to this world, I will spare you any details of the Iraq war, an evil, monstrous enterprise borne of deceit and fear in the wake of the worst domestic terrorist attack our country ever suffered. I don’t want to give you nightmares describing how your grandfather, principally among others, encourages this almost unspeakable carnage in the name of profit undeterred by any notion of conscience whatsoever for the purposes of securing the oil of a country that has been referred to as the birthplace of civilization.

It is enough for now that you are here and well. Trouble yourself with nothing; give no thought to any question you may have of what I’ve just said about the man who will happily bounce you on his knee one day, I’m sure.

I am a parent also, and I can assure you that the day for questions that he hopefully will answer honestly will come soon enough.

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