Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More "Mo" For Joe

I know that, between Lieberman and Pitts, there’s an abundance of news on the bad Joes out there, but here’s some on the good Joe (and I had to laugh when I read that Lieberman called for Rumsfeld’s resignation...gee, do you think it’s occurred to the Republicrat formerly of Connecticut that getting the Defense Secretary gig would save him from having to compete in that nasty election against Ned Lamont?).

The comments to this post on the Daily Kos from Sestak for Congress were highly enthusiastic, which was appropriate I thought, in particular for the line “for the cost of two days in Iraq we could screen 100% of the cargo on all passenger planes.”

Also, as this Washington Post story noted…

Sestak is getting support from traditional sources such as labor unions and newer ones such as the "Net roots" -- online activists who are channeling significant sums to antiwar Democrats. He has raised $230,000 online this cycle, including thousands through blogs.

"We really hit a vein," he said.
Here’s more from Joe’s speech…

Incredibly, ten years after al Qaeda plotted to bring liquid explosives onto planes, our airports are still not equipped to detect them.

With what we spend in 5 days in Iraq, we could ensure that all of the cargo entering our ports is screened for dangerous radioactive weapons.
“In a time of universal deceit, the simple act of telling the truth is revolutionary”--George Orwell (thanks to Kos commenter Circle for that one).

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