Saturday, July 16, 2005

My God, Save Izod and Eddie Bauer!

"JerseyBredFilly" over at The Daily Kos had a great post a couple of days ago about typical Repug demagoguery in the garden state. Seems that GOP wannabe guv Doug Forrester was screaming for the head of NJ AG Peter Harvey over the distribution of homeland security funds, with other Repug honchos in that state chiming in (which they will always do, as we know).

The post covered the whole situation pretty well, but I just want to add a couple of things (I don't live in NJ, but I work there and have frequent occasion to visit otherwise).

In a Courier Post story on this, Repug assemblyman Francis Bodine "said his district was denied $1.7 million in requests in 2005, including towns close to Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base.'I live two blocks away from Lockheed Martin,' he said. 'This is a prime target for any kind of foreign destruction.'"

Uh, excuse me, Mr. Bodine; please allow me to point something out, OK?

Lockheed Martin is a software development and support services company. They are an extremely large company in this regard with probably more money flowing from Bushco's coffers onto their ledgers than we can possibly imagine, but that is what they are, OK?

As nearly as I can understand the terrorist mentality (and I'm happy to admit that I can't, and hopefully never will), I believe that their goal is to take out as many people as possible with little effort expended on their part to do so. As proof, witness the fact that 120 people have died from three car bombs over the last four days in Iraq. I don't believe that trying to destroy a software development services and support company would help bin Laden and his fellow crazies accomplish that goal.

The biggest tactical terrorist target in Assemblyman Bodine's district is the Moorestown Mall (with Fortune Magazine having just rated Moorestown as the best place to live in the country in a survey published this week). Somehow I think the other targets referred to in JerseyBredFilly's post would rate a bit higher (though, as she points out, those targets reside in heavily Democratic districts, making them ripe for Repug attacks regardless of how many vital services installations reside in those areas).

Another quote I want to highlight came from Repug State Senator and onetime local area news anchorperson Diane Allen. "I think it’s unconscionable to play politics with something as important as homeland security," she said.

I agree. Now instead of saying that to the media, try repeating it to the cabal of faux Christian, pro-business zombies and crooks running our government, practically all of whom come from your side of the aisle, and let me know how far you get with them, OK?

(P.S. - Speaking of which, Mark Shields had a great column this week on the supposed "shared sacrifice" in this country after 9/11, and Tom DeLay's typical disgusting exploitation of same.)


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