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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (well, maybe)…
#2, Mike Fitzpatrick
#3, John Boehner
#4, Eric Cantor
#5, Michele Bachmann
#6, Paul Ryan
#7, Louie Gohmert
#8, Allen West
#9, Joe Pitts
#10, Jack Kingston
#11, Patrick McHenry
#12, Spencer Bachus
#13, Jim Gerlach
#14, Cliff Stearns
#15, Jean Schmidt
#16, Phil Gingrey
#17, David Schweikert
#18, Virginia Foxx
#19, Pete Sessions
#20, Charlie Dent
#21, Cathy McMorris Rodgers
#22, Chris Smith
#23, Todd Akin
#24, Buck McKeon
#25, Kristi Noem
#26, Hal Rogers
#27, Lou Barletta (Two bonus selections: Boren and Ross)
#28, Paul Broun
#29, Mary Bono Mack
#30, David Dreier
#31, Marsha Blackburn (including backgrounder)
…at long last, it is indeed time to name the #1 U.S. House Republican opposed to health care reform, and that would be this guy…

…Steven Arnold King of Iowa’s 5th Congressional District.

And why Steve King, I hear you ask?

Because he gave us the following quote (from here, including this of course)…
“King added that he’s thinking about introducing a bill, which if it became law, would repeal everything Obama has signed into law,” reports The Messenger, a local newspaper in Iowa. Such an extreme proposition would certainly do away with the biggest Republican bugaboos like Obamacare and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, but King’s “reset button” bill will come with many more casualties…
Indeed. As Think Progress tells us, King’s bill would eliminate the Bush tax cuts once and for all (which would be fine with me, by the way), defund the military, relax southern border security, strip medals of honor from 9/11 first responders, and cancel plans to honor The Sainted Ronnie R (which would also be fine with me).

Basically, until the recent nonsense with King’s fellow looney tune rep Todd Akin and his “legitimate rape” episode (which King, of course, defended, probably for no other reason that because Akin was intruding on his crazy turf), I would have considered King a “slam dunk” as the U.S. House Repug most likely to be wrapped in a straight jacket and carted off Hannibal Lecter style from the chamber because he’d lost what’s left of his mind (which may yet happen anyway).

And as noted here, isn’t it accommodating of King to make himself timely in the news again as I’m putting this post together?

I’m not sure if it’s fair to say that King is the craziest individual in the U.S. House, since the Repug field is so wide and deep in that department (and what a commentary on the American voters who send these life forms slithering back to Washington every two years, by the way). He may have the edge over people such as Moon Unit Bachmann and Louie Gohmert in that, according to my unofficial tally, he has introduced more crazy actual legislation than those two (I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to say something dumb in public, but it takes someone maybe only slightly more advanced to structure his or her craziness into something that could potentially acquire the force of law). And King has done that, noted in some of the following lowlights:
  • King said here that the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was “boring” (SOPA had other problems, but we’re sorry King was somehow uninterested…he gets paid too much money to be “bored” by stuff like this).

  • He introduced a resolution to defund health care along with Bachmann here – and then voted “Present” on his own amendment (unbelievable).

  • Here, he measured the worth of workers in soybeans (typical for a lunatic).

  • King called, basically, for a return to McCarthyism here.

  • King, of course, has no problem trying to legislate regarding the health care of women, though, of course, he doesn’t want any law passed that affects his body (here), which I’m quite sure is bereft of any sign of intelligent life.

  • What passes for King's thought process here is that employers shouldn’t have to hire gays and lesbians because they shouldn’t be told who to discriminate against, or something.

  • King tried to destroy food safety regulations not just in California, but all over the country, here.

  • He wanted Obama’s uncle to testify on Capitol Hill here – God only knows why.

  • King suggested states have a right to ban contraception here
  • .

  • Oh, and did I tell you that King is a “birther,” of course (which is also noted by TMI below)?

  • King also falsely claimed the number of uninsured would increase under “Obamacare” here.

  • He also said unemployment is caused by “a nation of slackers” here (and what a trifecta in the pic, by the way).

  • He also claimed that the Romney team comes to him for advice, supposedly, here (I’m sure Willard Mitt wants to put some duct tape over King’s mouth for that).

  • Here, he says some Americans just don’t need health care (maybe he should give up his own to try and prove his point).

  • I guess King is trying to "triple down" on the stoo-pid here regarding his thoroughly baseless charge against Huma Abedin, wife of former Congressman Anthony Weiner and aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  • This tells us about King’s “English only” bill, which is another typically moronic idea.

  • This tells us, among other things, that one of King’s hometown newspapers actually tried to take back its endorsement of him in his 2010 election campaign against Matt Campbell (yep, we’re talking a whole other level of wingnuttia here).

  • So with all of this in mind, please allow me to present the following...

    Here, he compared upgrades of light bulbs on Capitol Hill to tactics of the former Soviet secret police (o-kaaayyyyyy)... is a TMI report on King (I give Rachel Maddow and Kent Jones credit for trying to interject some humor, though I find King funny in no way, shape or form)...

    ...and K.O. basically makes a plea here to the vertebrate life forms who continually send King back to Washington over and over again.

    And so there you have it, people. That is my report on 31 U.S. House Republicans who have done their best to obstruct health care reform (with Dems Dan Boren and Mike Ross thrown in as a bonus). Some of them, including Boren and Cliff Stearns (Update 8/29/12: "Mean Jean" Schmidt too), won’t be returning to Washington next year – we already know that. However, I would ask that you please keep all of this in mind as you vote early and often, I’m sure, all over the country this November.

    Update 9/6/12: As Kent Jones said, Steve King isn't finished (here).

    Update 9/8/12: Willard Mitt tells us something about himself by the company he keeps, and I don't mean that in a good way (here).

    Update 10/23/14: He's assuming he'll get there to decline meeting them - I wouldn't be too sure (here).

    Oh, and here’s one final musical number dedicated to the person at the top of the list.

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